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Ink Types


All inks has a shelf life of one year except for the Collins Onyx Ink

Versatile C8842A

Water pigment based ink that prints on coated media with exceptional results. Fast drying and enables high speed printing speeds on both coated and porous media. For best results on coated media, a heater should be used. Ability to produce sharp, rich black text and high quality spot color on coated paper in a single pass- without transfer and without sacrificing speed.  

General IQ Ink

Used on aqueous materials, fast drying and darker. Solvent & pigment based ink similar to Momentum Ink.

Durable Ink

Excellent media versatility as well as durability, decap, and print quality performance in this genuine HP ink. Used on high-quality coated, aqueous overcoated, and varnish substrate. A pigment based ink..

Collins Complete

Formulated to print on both coated and non-coated stock. Gives the permanence of the CM-557 on coated stocks, but with print quality and density of CM-902 on non-coated stocks.

ONYX (Collins)

Alternative for coated substrates when a regular water-based ink produces poor results. Offers the potential advantages of conventional HP-type inks, with solvent-like properties for both adhesion and permanence. This cartridge is water-based but performs like a solvent based ink. Shelf-life is 6 months if unopened and restarts well.

MAX3 (Collins TWK-1396) same as MAX2 (TWK-1386)

Black ink that is a water/solvent hybrid for non-porous media. Prints on aqueous coatings, varnish, plastic cards, tyvek, PVC, and poly-vinyl. It possesses a good decap time, dries faster, and better light fastness than Onyx. Shelf life is at least 12 months non-flammable.

CM-290 Fast Dry (Collins)

Dries fast, very dark ink. Customers report that they are able to reduce their dot resolution and still produce dark, bold images.  It is designed for use on offset stock (porous, envelope).

CM-557 Coated Stock (Collins)

Good alternative for printing on coated paper. Resists smudging on coated sheets.

CM-557H Heads Up Ink (Collins)

A dye based ink that produces a high quality image and dries well on glossy and matte substrates.  The heads up technology allows the cartridge to start up faster after an extended period of down time without re-wiping or purging the heads.

CM-796 Coated Fast Dry (Collins)

Alternative for the glossiest coated stocks when the CM-557 doesn't’t work completely. Dries faster and smears less than the CM-557.  Under some circumstances, the CM-796 may exhibit some ink splatter. 

CM-150 H and Hi-Speed (Collins)

Newer ink that prints at lower DPI while still producing a dark image. Cost effective ink that uses less ink to print similar dark images.