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Kirk Rudy KR496 Feeder

Heavy-duty and fast, the KR 496F handles hard to feed items such as Z-folds and open ended products. Easily mounts onto and integrates with the KR shuttle feeder. Because friction feeders are not suited for feeding many catalogues and books, both types of feed systems are necessary to handle the widest range of products. A separate frame assembly makes feed belt replacement quick and easy. Optional configurations include wide and narrow product feed kits, extended out feed and mounting stand. See the KR 496FC for batch and or staged feeding.


  • Integrates with KR inkjet bases
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Simplified feed belt replacement
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Kirk Rudy KR324 Stand Alone Feeder

The stand alone KR 324 shuttle feeder handles a wide variety of media from single sheets and envelopes to books and magazines. Smaller than the KR 224 shuttle feeder, the KR 324 accommodates product 3" wide by 5" long up to 14" wide by 14" long.

Like all shuttle feeders, the KR 324 runs continuous because its hopper is loaded from the top and feeds from the bottom. Equipped with a DC variable speed motor, vacuum pump and roller cabinet, the KR 324 works with most inline addressing systems.


Streamfeeder V710IJ

The V-710IJ is for production mailing operations that demand maximum throughput from their ink jet printing, labeling, and tabbing bases. The lightweight V-710IJ provides superior feeding to precisely separate and singulate many types and sizes of product. Job setups and changeovers are easily and quickly accomplished. The variable speed, clutch-free motor provides dependable feeding performance.

  • Ink jet bases
  • Labeling bases
  • Tabber bases
  • Reinforcing machines


  • Durable steel construction/powder coat paint
  • Quality precision parts
  • Quick access split shell design
  • Variable speed DC motor
  • Adjustable feed belts for added feeding performance
  • Feeds tall stack heights of 8.5" x 11" and A4 sheets with ease
  • Advancing gate enables maintenance without stopping a job
  • Optional external run input for integrated start/stop control


Streamfeeder V710DM

The V-710DM provides the flexibility of automating “jumbo” format gripper arm inserters and ink jet/tabber bases. The V-710DM allows for quick and easy installation onto most major brands of vacuum/non-vacuum bases and gripper arm inserters. Increases the throughput and reliability of addressing bases.


  • Gripper arm inserters
  • Ink jet bases
  • Labeling bases
  • Tabber bases


  • Large capacity hopper - easy two knob adjustment
  • Tool-free adjustments for quick setup and changeover
  • Variable angle feed belts enhance feeding performance
  • Variable speed control for synchronous operation
  • Durable lightweight construction
  • Easy to learn and operate


Reliant 1500

Streamfeeder Reliant 1500

The compact Reliant 1500 combines flexible performance with superior feeding to precisely separate, singulate, and present many types and sizes of product to your inserter's gripper jaw. Job setups and changeovers are easily and quickly accomplished. A large capacity hopper is conveniently loaded from the front or back. The brushless and clutch-free motor provides dependable feeding performance.


  • 6 x 9 gripper arm envelope inserters
  • Phillilsburg, Inserco, EMC, AMOS, Kern, and similar inserters
  • Z-fold sheets, slick stock, payment booklets, and other products that are typically fed with difficulty on an inserter


  • Reliable product separation
  • Tool-less adjustments for easy setups and changeovers
  • Compact 10 inch width allows side-by-side mounting
  • Sealed precision bearings never require lubrication
  • Handles most insert types, sizes, and thickness
  • Easy to learn and operate



Streamfeeder V500

The V-500 is designed to increase your 6x9 inserting, addressing base, and tabber base productivity. Adding a V-500 to each station dramatically boosts inserter productivity. The V-500 precisely separates, singulate's, and presents many types and sizes of materials such as Z-fold sheets, slick stock, payment booklets, and other materials that are typically difficult to feed.


  • Gripper arm inserters
  • Ink jet bases
  • Labeling bases
  • Tabber bases


  • Large capacity hopper - easy two knob adjustment
  • Tool-free adjustments for quick setup and changeover
  • Compact width for side-by-side mounting
  • Variable speed control for synchronous operation
  • Durable lightweight construction
  • Easy to learn and operate




Straightshooter SS 12

Straight Shooter feeders offer the features you’ve been looking for!

Our feeders easily handle a wide range of media types and sizes, from business cards to wide catalogs. Straight Shooter’s unique features make feeding difficult media a breeze, including: * Stuffed envelopes * Open ended booklets * Calendars * Magnets * Self-mailers * Plastic cards or tags * Labels * Even CDs!


Straightshooter C 12

Straight Shooter, the company that brought you real innovation like…

  • Buckle separation
  • Straight feeding
  • Reposition able belts and separators -> 5 minute belt changes and more…

In addition to offering all the great features of our popular SS12 and SS20 feeders the C-12 brings you MORE of the features you've been looking for. You asked… WE DELIVERED!

  • New lower profile makes for easier transitions into your machine!
  • Completely tool-less setup!
  • Unique single knob paper guide adjustments for moving guides side to side and up over the belts!
  • No need to remove the guides to reposition them between belts!
  • New simplified drive train for longer component life !
  • Clean, uncluttered, simple design for easy set up



Straightshooter D 12

  • One-shot or continuous mode
  • Adjustable angle delivery on acceleration table.
  • Complete paper guides - even on acceleration table.
  • 10 minute belt change - all belts
  • Tool less setup
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Great for ink jet, tabbing, collators, folders and much more!
  • Batch counting also available


  • Complete paper guides for straight delivery of your documents
  • Reposition able belts - lets you put friction where you want it.
  • Buckle separation for smoother separations without jams.
  • Multiple, independently adjustable separators for greater versatility.
  • Quick and easy belt change reduces downtime and save money.
  • Acceleration table creates gaps between documents for accurate photo eye detection.


Inserter Series

Surefeed Inkjet Tabber Series

The Ink Jet Feeder features a Belt System that is specially formulated to reduce glazing. The SE Models come standard with the Patented Dynamic Rotation Technology, the ECO Model features the Patented "Football" Separator. The IJ Feeder Series comes standard with heavy duty 1/4" thick powder coated side frames, small product guides and variable speed control

Inkjet Tabber

Surefeed Inserter Series

  • Adding stations to your existing inserter
  • Easy installation/space saver
  • Move from one inserter to another
  • Miss (standard) and Double Detection (optional)
  • Higher throughput/lower cost

Surefeed Placer Series

FEATURES The Pick & Place Series features a multi-action Reciprocating Pick Arm, dual suction cups, lexan cover , vacuum sensor for miss detection, time delay and 1/4" thick powder coated side frames.


  • Return on investment in 3 to 6 months
  • Reduce labor
  • Completely mobile
  • Consistent feeding
  • Higher throughput
KR 500


Kirk Rudy KR500 Friction Feeder

The KR500 is a heavy duty Friction Feeder that is designed to feed flat die-cut boxes and many other difficult irregular products up to widths of 19.25” and speeds of 1000 fpm.


  • Moveable friction belts
  • Vibrating rear product guides
  • Side guides extend below friction belts


  • Speed-Following DC drive
  • Servo Motor Drive
  • Hydra-Lift Kit

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