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Mailbag Equipments

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Minipack Mailbag

Plastic "envelopes" cost a lot less than regular paper envelopes do (as little as 1/10th). You can use almost any kind or printed, colored or clear plastic including USPS approved. Save up to 1 oz. per "envelope"

The inserter for plastic "envelopes". Use for mailing applications including catalogs, books, newspaper, etc. Save on envelope cost, postage and printing.


Quickwrap H-50


The QuickWrap™ polybag wrapping system is the ideal solution for wrapping magazines, mailing publications, brochures, catalogs, books and more. QuickWrap is great for shorter jobs that are not cost effective to run on large wrapping, bagging or inserting systems.

The compact, modular QuickWrap can be manually fed, or it can be fitted with 1 to 4 feeders/dispensers (see our StreamLine V4). It can also be integrated into a host system such as a swing arm inserter (with optional interface).

Low cost and portable, QuickWrap produces up to 50 quality center-sealed packages per minute.


  • Magazines
  • Mailing publications
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Books
  • Product literature
  • Annual reports

Minipack Continua 60

Continua 60 is fully automatic, horizontal packaging machine, it is extremely compact and uses a revolutionary new sealing system, capable of packaging up to 60 pcs per minute. When coupled with the tunnel 50 twin shrinking unit and the electrostatic sealer, the system can be used to package magazines and all forms of printed material up to A3 size, ad to a maximum height of 32mm. The Continua 60 technology enables it to be used with a wide range or heat-shrink films producing attractive results, with no waste.


Minipack Galileo

Galileo combines a wide range of innovative technical and manufacturing choices, resulting in an ingenious end product. The machine chassis with it's excellent thermal and mechanical specifications, the light but resistant tubular carriage, the exclusive sealing bar colling system, the electrical systemmounted on the front of the machine, the electronic panel complete with 10 customisable programs, and the micro-punching system typical of automatic machines all contribute to make Galileo a truly unique machine.


Minipack Media

Compact, versatile and a productive Semi Automatic L-Sealer