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Strapping Equipments

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Bunn Tying Machines

  • New style guarding, easier access for service work.
  • Electrical disconnect prohibits use of the machine without guarding.
  • New high strength, quality frames.
  • Choice of wraps, front tables and twines or poly tapes.
  • The Bunn knotter lock gives traditional long service capability.
  • Patented dual tension string holder.
  • Double headed draw slide, roller twine arms for interchangeability of twines and poly tapes.
  • Superior tension control for tightest possible tie.

The all new Bunn Tyer has improved strength, quality and longevity, and utilizes the latest manufacturing technology while using the same concept as the original Bunn tying machines.



Mosca Strapping Machine

Reliable, low-cost walk-up strapper!

  • Direct drive sealer.
  • Strap tension is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 50 Lbs.
  • Innovative new strapping head features strap drive and sealer rotation driven by DC brushless motor technology.
  • Cam driven strap gripper and cutter design with sealed bearing movement eliminates dust collection and reduces the servicing requirements of older systems. Horizontal heat knife movement reduces need for adjustments and lengthens heater life.
  • Uses 5mm or 8mm polypropylene strapping.
  • Uses foot pedal for machine cycle.
  • System features electronic temperature control for consistent, reliable seals.
  • All electric strapping head.
  • Laser cut components provide precision and operating reliability at lower cost than conventionally machined parts.
  • Front loading coil dispenser.
  • Available in track sizes of 800/600.

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Polychem Strapping Machines

Polychem offers a full range of table top strappers – one for every need and budget. Our PC 101 and 102 are just what you would want in a semi – automatic strapping machine. This type of poly strapping machine is economical and reliable for low to go moderate shipping room applications. For ultimate performance in a constant production environment, we recommend the PC 250 poly strapping machine. All semi automatic strapping machines utilize inexpensive polypropylene strapping.

Download GP-44, PC600-AL


Ty-Tech Strapping Equipment

Ty-Tech Tying Machines and poly tape is still the most economical method of bundling and unitizing for printers, publishers, commercial mailers, laundries, banks, distribution centers, manufacturers and for the corrugated, foam and garment industries.

This machines serves many industries and applications and is the new "workhorse" of the Direct Mail Industry!  It is available in both standard and high speed models for maximum performance in all applications.  The machines are designed to run the most economical tying material (Poly Tape) as well as twine.  The basic design of the machine makes it the most maintenance free tying machine on the market.

  • Quality that guarantees performance

  • Rugged construction for long life

  • Chrome plated work tables

  • Operator safe foot pedal operation and safety cages

  • Manual lock-out to prevent accidental cycling


Strapack JK-5

Strapac JK-5


Strapack's new affordable JK-5 is designed to bring the productivity, speed, and ergonomics of arch strapping machines to those who have wanted an arch machine but have not been able to justify the cost.

With 110 Volt power supply, parts- and labor-free strap width adjustment from 5mm to 5/8", up to 27 strap per minute speed, auto re-feed, loop ejection, a patented strap dispensing system, and small footprint, the JK-5 can be used virtually anywhere.

At an affordable price, UPS & FedEx shippers, first class mailers, small to medium size manufacturing concerns, and those customers that must have a strapping machine at multiple workstations, can afford to own the JK-5.